Contributions of Women in Electronic Music

Contributions of Women in Electronic Music

Electronic Ladyland

A playlist from Bitch Media and posted on about Women electronic artists. Here’s what Ghostcapital has to say about the mix:

An 18 track playlist highlighting the innovative and essential contributions of women in electronic/radiophonic music from 1956 to now. We talk about this quite a lot in the GC living room, when shifting into Cultural Studies mode, as its a topic that my girlfriend Alley is deeply passionate about. She’s been blogging for Bitch Media and recently put together this mix, with a few track suggestions from yours truly.

If you’re an electronic music lover. You should consider giving this a listen because it’s pretty good. The only name I recognize is Laurie Anderson (see earlier post) and it’s exciting to be exposed to all of these other women who are creating inventive sounds in a field that I see to be heavily masculine.


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